Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Beautiful Nature.

The essential to life...

This one is for the wonderful colour combination and good for my soul.
This stately bird of prey was almost waiting for me to take a few snaps, as when I had finished the second photo, it took off to loftier heights...or to catch a mouse or two.
Gosh, you almost want to tie a yellow ribbon around this tree....
A seemingly wild rose growing on the edge of a vineyard. I love walking and seeing the various elements that make up our area. Vines, Kellerstöckls, flowers and many paths.
We met a dog and his owner along the way and it afforded me the time to take in the view and to show it to you. Green pastures covered in wildflowers, forests as far as the eye can see and of course the blue sky.
Another favourite of mine. The distinct barns scattered about the neighbourhood. This one is unused, but has seen many episodes of someone's life. If only walls could talk.