Monday, 29 May 2017

A Blue Start To Monday.

Not as blue as it sounds.

At the end of my Sunday round, I was still followed by the most beautiful blue sky. My route took me atop the hill, there where you see the string of houses touching the blue sky.
Rather a nice blue, and one can't imagine feeling bedeviled and sad while seeing blue...
Almost halfway into my walk, I thought I'd show you the view. The hill looks deceptively gentle but is as steep as can be.
Can't forget the blue...from all sides these poppies are amazing.
Could this be Miss Ambrosia?
Wonderfully blue, wonderfully relaxing.
Finally, it is only a path lined by long grass, but to me it epitomizes summer, country life and feeling good. Often I walk along and let my hand skim the top of the long grass. A great way to stay grounded.