Sunday, 7 May 2017

Eisenberg-2-Eisenberg Via Badersdorf, Kohfidisch & Csaterberg.

A delightful walk in rural bliss.

A mere two weeks ago we took the folks for a drive and while we were sightseeing from the comfort of our car, Bob announced his plan to walk this route. Well, today was the day and we set off at 6.30 am.
Bob hasn't walked for a while and I honestly thought he wouldn't do it, but I stand corrected.

Aren't they cute? Just outside of Badersdorf is a deer sanctuary and they were the only witnesses to our long walk.
Next village and we weren't even halfway. We walked from our house past Eisenberg Weinberg, took the Badersdorf road through the forest and the little lane alongside the forest to Kohfidisch. Wonderful scenery.
Fast forward a few hills and suddenly we were in Csaterberg. A magical place filled with Kellerstöckls.
Bob knew our route perfectly but just in case I took the phone with us...although, I am not so sure that anyone would have been happy to fetch us this early on a Sunday morning.
Nice, isn't it? Almost like a little gingerbread house.
The latter part of our walk was through the forest. About 3-4 kilometers in fact. Definitely the road less traveled. At the moment the forests are abundant in green hues, clean air and plenty of wildlife.
I was thankful to see this bit of emerald green peeping through at the top of the picture. Our house is a mere 800 meters away.
Bob had planned this route carefully and measured it beforehand on Google...15,5 km and it took us 2 hours and 50 minutes.