Wednesday, 24 May 2017

And Then The Rain Came.

Two mornings in a row when the clouds burst.

Firstly, nobody is complaining about this big amount of rain. Rain has been rather scarce recently and if the weather forecast predicted rain for our region, the celestial umbrellas were opened over our area. Everywhere but here seemed to be the credo.

Well, yesterday it rained so much that by nine o'clock in the morning the roads were awash. Driving back from St. Kathrein the car dispersed many puddles and almost aquaplaned on the road. The rain kept falling and it felt more like autumn than summer. Perfect reading weather indeed one would think...

By lunchtime the blue peeped through and at two o'clock we had perfect summer weather again. Apart from the barrels of rainwater in our garden, nothing gave witness to it having rained. One day split into two different halves. Sadly, the sunny weather was detrimental to the bees as the lawnmowers could be heard in the neighbourhood, lawns being manicured for the weekend tourists.

Does anyone ever consider that tourists might actually enjoy seeing a normal, wild flower populated lawn? Let's be honest, those don't exist in urban suburbs anymore. A rural safari, just like when we were children... sounds rather enticing.

Early this morning the day hadn't made up its mind as to what it would do. The pendulum could have easily gone to sunny and nice but rather chose the rainy and miserable side. Perhaps it will be a repeat of yesterday but if not, a day of rain is not bad either. If I don't have to be outside in it, the sound of heavy raindrops falling on the roof is extremely soothing and much better than the raindrops falling on my head...