Wednesday, 3 May 2017

From The Vantage Point Of A Bus.

Cyclists and the funny side of life?

On Sunday, day two of wine tasting, we caught the early bus to Rechnitz. Early being relative as it was just gone on eleven o'clock. The bus was filled with fellow wine enthusiasts who ( and I really don't know why ), were dressed in similar glass dangling around their necks and dark sunglasses framing their pasty faces! A few were probably wondering why they signed up for day two and if they would use the spittoon rather than drink the wines.

When one is tired there is nothing nicer than to be swayed about in a cushy seat on a big bus. Bob wanted to sit right in the back perhaps reminding him of school days and how the cool dudes were always lounging haphazardly there, but he seemed to have forgotten the overly pronounced swaying the tail end does. Not that great after a day of wine tasting. Rest assured, on the return bus we all wisely chose the middle seats...

The bus was winding its way down the Eisenberg towards Burg, when the funniest thing happened and as these things go, out of the blue. In between talking I chose to look out the window at the passing scenery never in my wildest dreams expecting anything but the big three of our forests ( deer, rabbit & mouse ) when I noticed a bicycle standing sans rider on the edge of the road.

A second later, I found out why...the lady in question had yielded to her own call of the wild and squatted. Dear lady, next time choose a spot further in and not in line of a bus full of people equipped with cameras and smart phones. Good grief, did we have a chuckle. The irony of it was that those of us who saw her, also recognized her as a fellow wine taster. How could one forget when she and her husband were everywhere with their bikes in tow and sporting cycling gear that should really not be seen off a bike!