Monday, 8 May 2017

The Simple Things In Life Tend To Be The Nicest.

Our long walk.

As you saw in yesterday's blog post, the Bobster and I went on a mammoth walk. Well, for us at least. With cunning and ingenuity he planned every step ahead of time and luckily I only became aware of his route along it, as there were rather a lot of uphills back to back. Even he got wary of them.

Walking, one of life's pleasures is so easy and cost nothing except the will to get out of bed. Sunday mornings don't see many villagers out and about, unless they are returning from the joys of Saturday night. The whole time of our walk we weren't met by any other walker, runner or cyclist. Where were they?

We did encounter the odd car and managed to jump to the correct side of the road. Oncoming traffic and so on yet, one woman gave us the evil eye while skimming past us at great speed. Either for daring to be in the road or for daring to make her feel guilty for not walking herself.

Walking together is a nice way to catch up as there aren't any distractions about. It gave us a chance to reflect on the history of our area and at times we both wondered if and who has walked this way before. Romans, soldiers, farmers or children on their way to school back in the days when there wasn't public transport.

How often does one get a chance to actually look at the path we tread? Aren't we usually so busy engaging with folks on all corners of the world ( despite knowing we might never meet them we put all our effort in to try and impress them...a touch of insanity? ) Bob and I noticed the leaves of the trees, the rustling of the leaves, the slightly hidden pond along a road we've driven on many a time, the sound of chickens and how nice some of the gardens looked.

I'll add the link of a video the Südburgenland tourism office took of this wonderful part of the world and then you will understand why I am so addicted to walking in and among it...