Friday, 26 May 2017

A Public Holiday On A Thursday Can Only Mean A Long Weekend.

Are companies still open?

Schools are closed today and even though the shops are open, I won't speculate on the state of offices and official places. I wouldn't have wanted to be on the road out of Vienna on Wednesday afternoon, as it must have been chaotic. On most normal weekends, a lot of commuters return home ( eg. Burgenland ) and one can imagine how crowded the roads leading out of Vienna must be at the start of a four day long weekend.

Most of our villagers also do a weekly commute and only get to spend weekdays ( Monday to Friday ) at home whilst on holiday or on a public holiday. It boggles the mind to think that often over a work life spanning 40 odd years, most have never spent a week at home apart from the above exceptions. A foot in both worlds and a case of never the twain shall meet as life is always lived for the other place.

The weather is gorgeous today and many holiday makers can be spotted around our village. It's the mode of transport that helps one distinguish. Cars with foreign number plates ( foreign such as Vienna W, Linz L or Graz G ), bikes or running shoes. Coming here for a short holiday is refreshing for city folk...the wine is fabulous, plentiful and affordable, the roads are bereft of traffic, opportunities to exercise ubiquitous, locals are laid back and the complexities of big city life are nowhere in sight.

Often a few days of living la dolce vita in Eisenberg is enough to unwind, relax, unload and for some lucky ones also enough time to realize that this lifestyle should and more importantly, could be permanent.