Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Colourful Eisenberg.

A brightness that even transcends an overcast day.

Ironic how these flowers only bloom once a year and with pulchritude yet when they don't, they are just a bunch of long blades of grass wilting in the hot sun.
A weed to some, a beautiful flower to me.
All that's needed is a glass of wine to sit and imbibe the view. Let's not forget to enjoy life...we only have the one.
It's poppy time again. Lovely to see the side of the lanes spotted with these red sirens.
I did say that Eisenberg is steeped in colour...the man of the yard.
What a fantastic silken looking petal. Nature, awesome and amazing.
Last but not least...we are getting new neighbours and seeing the red arm of a crane frame the view was to good not to record.