Monday, 22 May 2017

A Sunday Filled With Knives And Forks.

...only in Eisenberg of course.

Luckily it only happens once a year and yesterday was it. The annual Frühschoppen of the local volunteer fire department was held and as a wife of one of these dashing firemen, I volunteered to help out. On the principal of last one in gets the yummy jobs, I was busy putting the shine back into the knives and forks. Or to put it more correctly, I was the designated dishwasher minus the dishes. Knives, forks and coffee cups were my metier.

It doesn't sound so bad on paper but when I turned around to purvey the field ( tables filled with hungry customers intend on eating with knives and fork! ) the numbers mount. To me it felt like I washed thousands but perhaps five hundred each is more like it. Roughly three hours non stop fun which I came prepared for like a pro. No, on the contrary, this was my third time...

Yellow washing up gloves which thankfully stopped me from morphing into an amphibious creature. Don't take my moaning too seriously as my little job made me part of the team and there were many team members who had to do worse jobs for the day.

The first hour of my shift was not very busy as the Schnitzels were still being ordered and so I could peruse the hall and the various groups in it. One man had the air of a politician about him. Perhaps it was his smart suit and tie where everyone else of import was dressed in the brown uniforms or it might have been his habit of walking through the isle waving a greeting left, right and center but not really stopping to chat. Quite an art form to please the masses and surely exhausting as well.

Again, standing there at my sink and at times looking at this never ending heap of cutlery blinking up at me through the break in the suds, it made me thankful that I don't have to do this full time.

Well, at the end of our shift, Bob and I sat and had a nice Schnitzel with potato salad, cabbage salad and tasty rice...of course eaten with a freshly washed set of knives and forks and complemented with a cold beer!