Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Who Needs A Rolex When You Have A Cat?

Cats do surprise one constantly.

As you know we've, while intoxicated with the new-kitten-parent syndrome, mistakenly set the feeding time for our princess at six bells. Morning and evening. Madness in winter for sure when it's still dark outside.

Recently, Bob has taken to also giving our Tigger ( who is permanently out on our ledge ) a serving of extra food at the same time. Rather funny to see the two cats colluding on the issue of time keeping or rather the issue of reminding Bob about it.

For good measure our Mausi reclines regally on the couch facing Bob ( he who is glued to his computer at that time ) and doing her best to catch his eye. Well, should that fail she lets out a series of heart wrenching meouws, feigning hunger. Usually the computer wins and that means a different tactic...she gets up, and jumps gracefully on the back of my couch and walks onto the computer desk, specifically the keyboard ( not stupid is she? )

" Oh hello love! Gosh is it so late already?
this morning she timed this interlude to the second. The news was counting down and as six struck so did she.

Yesterday I saw another amazing cat awaiting the arrival of his mummy, a school girl who more or less comes home at the same time each day. I was waiting to do an extra lesson when I saw him sprint across the road, meouwing with happiness and resembling more a canine than a feline. Too cute indeed and it goes to show that cats do make fabulous pets.

Forget about buying a fancy watch...just go to your local pound / SPCA and give a lonely cat a place in your heart and hearth.