Saturday, 13 May 2017

Confirmation Everywhere...

A rather industrious undertaking.

Wherever I look these days, somebody is getting confirmed. A big deal to the kids and often a bigger deal to the parents. Not so much the spiritual aspect but rather the logistical and aesthetic one.

Either way one approaches it, a confirmation is a big party. A party planned months in advance and rather reminiscent of a curtain call for a future wedding. Gosh, has it always been so intricate, showy and expensive?

A lot of the local children or should one call them young adults are being confirmed in May. Teachers have even changed the date of exams in order for the students to prepare for confirmation. Parents are organizing the difficult part of inviting people. Won't do to forget aunt Dotty or a neighbour as it could raise that green eyed monster tout de suite. Table arrangements, catering and special outfits do remind one of weddings.

Why does one confirms? Confirmation is a final step to belong to the faith your church provides. Suddenly teenagers are fully fledged member of their congregation and it is a good thing to belong somewhere in this uncertain world.

Apart from the ten commandments there are also a few common sense ideas that should be part of life after the confirmation. Things like being kind, being respectful of parents, being forgiving, being thoughtful, being helpful to those who are less fortunate and trying to be a good person.

Somehow I do fear that all those sentiments being rehearsed and learned in order to get confirmed might fall by the wayside rather quickly. The actual party will be immortalized with the help of Facebook, the presents will be enjoyed, counted and spent but only a few young adults will apply those pointers from the clergy and alas, the rest will resume life as before...