Tuesday, 30 May 2017

A Flashback To Yesteryear.

Secret socks are obviously a well kept secret...

Meeting for our weekly walk yesterday morning was rather a fun affair apart from the walk itself. Yours truly tends to wear the same togs and eschew any attempt at fashion. A workout should be comfortable after all. My compatriots do tend to wear stylish outfits rather than sporty togs. Perhaps I should make them walk faster so that they perspire and feel as if it's been a workout.

Anyway, one of the ladies had on new shoes. Trainers of a sort with a trendy name. We set off on our route and as we got going she asked us to slow down, as she couldn't keep pace. We were merely ambling about and we all turned to her in concern. Had she hurt herself perhaps?

" Oh no, nothing of the sort. I am wearing my new trainers but they are a bit too big. My bare feet are sliding about. "
We all heard only one thing. Yikes, no socks! Quelle domage. Instantly I shivered just thinking of the feeling of walking barefoot in my trainers. Ouch, and even worse, eventually those shoes must be stored outside. Agh, imagine the aromas brewing there.

The gal in question was happy to get a pair of socks for our next walk and that was the end of that. But to me, a flashback of the 80's occurred with alarming speed and accuracy. Who can forget the infamous Don Johnson look, the look of suits with bare feet in shoes.

Back in Pietermartizburg, most of the trendy guys followed suit. Yikes, don't forget that the secret sock wasn't known of then, or was it? Well, the Bobster is fond of these socks and if one has gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle of socks ( laundry basket ) he improvises by taking a normal sock and folding it back over the heel. My deluge of fashion info, such as...

" Honey, the secret sock look is so very 80's. Nowadays one wears proper socks to show their label. "
...falls on deaf ears. Do husbands ever listen to a word their wives utter? Or is it only mine who doesn't...