Sunday, 28 May 2017

A Monumental Breakthrough At Our First Barbeque Of The Season.

I married well...!

My folks came over for a BBQ and it was a smashing, great and fun afternoon. Of course there was a breakthrough of note before they arrived. In fact the first part of this occurrence happened while Bob's parents were here last month.

During their stay we had organized a potjiekos / Afrikaans for a pot of stew dangling over an open fire for hours at my parent's house and the men had volunteered to make it. You know, no woman worth her salt will ever volunteer for these outside culinary adventures of a husband's mind, as she knows who'll end up doing the work.

Bob had been deputized by his father while we ladies gave it our best effort to imitate those three clever monkeys ( we heard, saw and said nothing.) To make a long story short, most afternoon the following was heard:

" My Boy, just run and get me the: salt / tongs / knife / plate / beer / chair / napkin. "
Poor Bob had been expecting an afternoon of leisurely parking off next to the fire, perhaps stirring the pot a bit now and then while in reality he spent a few hours on the trot...That night he admitted to me that he finally saw our point of view with the whole Men offering to make dinner in the guise of a BBQ while we had to do all the running about... At the time I wondered how long Bob would remember this!

Yesterday, a half hour before we were expecting our guests to arrive, Bob was busy getting the fire going while I was organizing the table. Our table is next to the barn and involves a return trip of about 50 meters from our kitchen. One thinks ahead! On my third trip I was returning to kitchen when I heard my beloved holler out:

" Honey, please can you get me some...oops, no, never mind I'll get it myself. I remember how it feels to be at the BBQ'ers beck and call. "
Oh, my goodness. I think I heard the celestial choir start up a Hallelujah. What had happened to my husband? Usually he'd have sent me on at least 5 return trips for arbitrary stuff ( beer and so forth ) but now, he was the one running around and even filling up my wine glass in between.

What a man, my man...I married very very well indeed!

Bob's the man...isn't our recycled washing machine ideal?