Saturday, 27 May 2017

A Picturesque Saturday In Burgenland.

It's summer despite not being summer yet.

Red roses dotted beautifully around the emerald green rows of vines. A visual feast.
Not to be outdone, these yellow roses almost steal the scene.
Doesn't this image make you want to walk in a field, sit under a tree, pick a bunch of flowers or just imbibe the magic of nature?
A red poppy gracing the view toward a Deutsch Schützen vineyards.
Gosh, a mere ten meters further I heard the most delightful tweeting from this blackbird. Amazingly enough he stayed to pose. He knew I wouldn't climb this tree.
There is one special soul keeping this war memorial beautiful. Each time I walk or drive past it catches my attention.
Eisenberg...tickles me pink!
A yellow diva holding the epitome of summer, don't you think?