Thursday, 25 May 2017

A Bit Of A Safari This Morning.

The usual suspects.

With the sun already up and beaming there was little choice but to walk early. No, it is a privilege to go for a walk and the earlier the better. Apart from wildlife not much is astir at this hour ( just after six ) and the divine solitude of walking is exponentially so.

As a creature of habit I tend to choose the same route and yet each time I do I see something new. Walking the same route takes the brakes off thoughts and lets them fly to the proverbial moon and back. No need to mind your step nor the P's & Q's. Just divine.

Around the corner from the Schützenhof is a small stretch of trees complete with bushes, undergrowth and wildlife. Once I saw a little kitten scanter out of it but until today not much else. I heard it first and in fact the sound made me stop and for a moment contemplate turning back. A buck was roaring like a lion. Well, at least like an angry hound. Loud, ugly and never ending.

Clearly he was angry or perhaps randy. Both sides of the road are forested and as I quickly walked on, I heard rustling on the other side. Oh dear, a deer was listening, and goodness me, responding. When the buck heard my footsteps, he jumped out from the cover of the forest and luckily for me, not toward me. I must say, the braying of a donkey sounds nicer than a buck's roar.

People pay a lot of money to see wildlife and here I can simply stumble over it at my leisure. Life has an adventurous side attached to it, when one takes the time to be a part of it. As for the safari, hopefully the next animal I see will be a little lamb being born into the flock of sheep that mow some of the vineyards.

You can just see the buck hopping there in front of the house.