Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Vagaries Of Rural Bliss.

A high-bed fit for felines.

Bob and his dad laboured for days to create the perfect high bed in our front yard. Even as we speak there are the green shoots of future one pot wonders popping through the soil in the various green shapes. Both Bob and I are equally nebulous on final outcomes.

" Schatzi, what is this going to be? "
" Eh, let's be surprised. "
at least we are sure the many shoots aren't weeds.

Yesterday we braved the garden center and I purposely used the word braved, as the signs of irritation were there before the parking, all the shopping trolleys in use and barely room to move around the spacious isles. But, Bob wanted tomatoes and I couldn't believe it when he queued up as gentle as a lamb even eschewing my offer to ditch the trolley and come back some other time. Just goes to show that when men want something, patience becomes their virtue.

We finally purchased a whole selection of tomatoes, chillies and herbs which has my taste buds watering already thinking of the many colourful salads I'll be making. Well, there is just a little fly in the ointment or rather a stubborn member of our family!

Divine Tiggi ( our first introduction to the wonderful feline world ) might look demure when sitting there with her tongue between her fangs, but she has developed taste and style.

Tiggi has had a front row seat watching the two men create this strange contraption in her garden. With each progressive day she must have thought herself more and more regal. A throne was being built right in front of her eyes and the fact that it was being built atop her former loo, didn't worry her overly much. Why should it when our garden, her realm is trump, oh sorry, huge.

Cunningly, she only perches on or rather in this throne, a.k.a, a high bed, when Bob's not looking. Glancing out the window yesterday afternoon I almost burst out laughing. There she was, reclining comfortably amid the mystery vegetation, soaking up the sunshine and being happy with the world. Bob, when I told him, nearly had a hernia and tasked me with " de-throning" our feline queen.

Easier said than must be the most comfortable place to view the world with one eye open while a meter off the ground, closer to the tweeting birds and right bang in the middle of a smorgasbord of delectables.


The colours would lure me too.
They've really done a fabulous job with this high bed. Can't wait to grow our vegetables....
The top right hand corner is favoured by Princess Tiggi.