Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A Successful Long Weekend In Burgenland.

Another great Weinfrühling in our area.

It almost seems strange not to meander the vineyards with a glass of wine in hand. Yes, that is what most of us did this weekend and great fun it was. Note, I said meander not stumble! All good things must end and at least we are only 364 days away the next one. All in all, I imagine that the wine makers are happy and have sold a lot of their wine.

For Bob and I it is a return to a more quiet time as all of our family and friends have left. Our friends attended their second Weinfrühling in a row and I hope they enjoyed it. Overall it was their seventh visit to us and Eisenberg. It was fabulous to see how some of the locals came over to greet them and exchange news ( comical to hear an English & Burgenlandish conversation albeit finger language was included. )

In vino veritas is again proving its worth. Bob told me that when he and our friends from London
( they don't speak a word of German apart from " ein achtl wein bitte " ) were talking at the bar, one of the local ladies came over to greet them and proceeded to speak fluent English to them. Obviously with an accent, but she held a long conversation...the same lady who often is at the same functions as Bob and never ever has spoken a word of English with or to him in the last six years!!!

As we only spoke English it was nice to see how most of the local wine makers switched automatically into English in order to explain their wine and also to make our friends feel welcome. These little details are what is important, what is remembered and what makes people come back again and again...


A bit of our Burgenland...