Monday, 21 May 2012

The Bee Gees.

What a great gift

I just saw on Facebook that Robin Gibb died. My condolences are with all his family.

But what I just wanted to convey, was what the Bee Gees do for me.

My teens coincided with the late 70's and early 80's so the Bee Gees were almost always in the for and background. Wherever I was, their music was too. Who can forget John Travolta walking down the street in those iconic white trouser. Like Pavlov's dog, I can instantly recall the Bee Gees song that goes with it and I am sure that you will too.

But what I really wanted to say was this : Driving with the radio on in todays times is sometimes a bit painful for the ears, but I keep it on because it is the thing to do and every now and again I get rewarded. Just hearing the opening musical notes of any Bee Gees song puts me instantly in a state of Happiness, even Bliss (Plus I know the words...).

What a Gift to leave .... Thank you Bee Gees.