Friday, 11 May 2012

Spring Concert

It seems that more events take place in a small village.

I just got the invite for the Spring Concert of our village via a Social Network. As small as we are here, technology is cutting edge.

Events here are great fun. Usually everyone goes and it is a good place for us to mingle, meet & greet. Of course the it helps that locally produced wines are sold at reasonable prices, and that the sausages etc are home made. Bob really loves the local food.

This all reminds me of the wonderful Chris Duigan concerts we used to go to. His piano magic is unique. Maybe he will come here on holiday someday and perform one hour for us.

Today is going to be unbelievably hot. Already now,at 8.40am, it is to hot to be in the sun. Should reach 30 today.Can you believe that we are officially still in spring?

Bob is already in the vineyards to help my mum with her field. Hard work, but he loves it.