Tuesday, 29 May 2012

More good news about Tigger

How fascinating.

Friends of ours came for Tea and a chat last week.

One of them, Kurt, is such a great Burgenland Character. His stories are so interesting and I am sure you will hear more here in the future.

So anyway, we were sitting around the kitchen table talking, when glancing through the window, Bob saw Tigger lining up in the usual place & usual time for " supper ". Of course the conversation immediately changed and we were all glued to the window to have a look at Tigger.

" That cat is Lucky " Kurt said and just like that we were on Bob and my favorite subject !

I told him that we were waiting to see if Tigger was Male or Female. He just laughed and told us that Tigger is definitely Female. Apparently years ago an Englishman wanted to breed Tigger's ilk, but no one could find a male cat. This guy would have paid a lot of dosh, but no success !

Wow, we were thrilled to hear yet again how lucky Tigger is and glad to hear that we might have little Tiggers soon.

Tigger is a feral cat and very skittish and as she is quite large, we are a little bit scared to go into the Barn that seems to be her hangout( could she hide behind the door and attack us...?).

Well Kurt told us that when she has her kittens, she will bring them to show us, if she trusts us. So we now give her extra Treats in hope of gaining her trust. Just plain bribery, I think !

But when my Father-in-law comes, he promised to go into Tigger's Lair.

Turns out that he is the brave one in our family