Thursday, 24 May 2012

I love Burgenland .

What a great place to live.

Our gymnastics/exercise class went on hiatus for the summer, and so we had a " Thank You " and " See you in two month " dinner ! Hey we know how to stay in shape here...

So twenty of us Ladies ( the gym classes are only for women - just as well because some of the stretches would distract the men) went up to " The Ratschen " . Now as I may have told you, Eisenberg has no traffic lights/ Robots within a 15km radius, yet we have this amazing Restaurant among the vineyards that has Silver Service.

What amazed me no end, was that there was one waiter and he handled all of us brilliantly without even a pearl of sweat on his forehead. Those of you in the know, will realize that serving twenty women is no mean feat, especially after the drinks start flowing...

I sat next to about the only other transplanted resident. She is from the mountainous part of Austria. Yet we both simultaneously said how we love living here. Somehow it just feels right. This place lets you be yourself, find yourself and enjoy yourself.

The evening was huge fun, with the usual dinner conversation...News, Gossip , Cooking & Men. At one stage we discussed the remedies for insomnia. My solution is to get up and watch TV. How behind times am I... the general idea was to wake up the husband, and say with a twinkle & wink in the eye " Honey wake up, I can't sleep...what should we do ? "

Yes I love do most of the Men...

Doesn't this make you hungry ?