Thursday, 17 May 2012

Driving Protocol

Friendly driving

When we first got here, we noticed that the local drivers passing us in our car, had a peculiar mode of greeting.

So anyway, we would be driving along, merrily enjoying the scenery, when cars would pass us with drivers doing "The Nod". At first we thought how peculiar to just nod and not wave.

Now every car in our district has "OW" number plates, and of course we as well." The Nod" only happens between "OW" cars.

It looked kind of funny too. How to describe it? Picture this:

  • Thrust your chin out.
  • Lift you head right back.
  • Then nod once.

But now we do it too. Much easier to do The Nod than to do The Wave.

It kind of looks like a lot of "Wayne's World" groupies driving around !

Try it out in your neck of the woods.