Saturday, 12 May 2012

Dangerous Cows...

What a scary moment

I went for my usual morning walk today. Usually it is tranquility personified. But not today!

About halfway through my round, I look ahead and see cows in the field. It was the first time they were there, and they were doing their grazing next to the fence. As I got a bit closer, I realized that two cows were on the wrong side of the side.

I could see them turning their head towards me. All of a sudden my mind was going into overdrive wondering if it is a bull and if so, what I should do? As usual when I need my glasses, I don't have them. As cows are want to do, they started taking an interest in me. By now I still could not see if they had long horns or big "nether" regions.

As I was almost next to them, I went with my instincts and put my head down & eyes forward and at the same time planed my escape-run!

When I had almost passed them, and seen no stampede, I turned to look....Turns out they were cute and almost grown up calves... not bulls. They just wanted me to come and say "Hi" to them..

Did I feel stupid !!! But luckily no one saw it.

This day is going to be great...