Monday, 28 May 2012

Choir performance a " Hit "

What a great performance

As I told you last week, the local choir - Like a Rainbow - had one of their main concerts last night at the village centre.

It was sold out, and they had to keep on bringing extra chairs. A few hundred people at least.

My mum is part of the choir, and it was so fabulous to see and hear her. It really is amazing how much energy she has. Her wine making takes a lot of time as does the holiday letting of the Kellerstoeckls ( huber-haeusl ) . Yet she makes time for the choir and let me tell you, that in season they tend to practice about 3 times per week ( 3-4 hours each time ). Wow, what a great Mum !

The songs they performed were sensational and they had to do an " Encore " three times.

My step-sister Alberta has just arrived for a holiday and it was so nice to spend an evening together. I think she still had " jet lag ", but she looked gorgeous and managed to stay up till past midnight.

For Bob and I the evening was a double success because we realized how many people know us now. We had " How are you chats " with a few and " Hello " nods with many.

Halfway through the evening one of Bobs' pupils came up to him to say Hi and introduce his aunt to Bob. I could see how chuffed Bob was !

Wow, we love it here...

Sorry could not get a clearer pic.

Albert's Ladies

Bob enjoying the wine..