Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Weeding, is it really necessary ?

When did gardening become such hard work?

You know when I was living in Pietermaritzburg, it was in a flat with no Garden. During the day at work I often heard clients say how much they loved to garden and how much time they spent in it.

So now that we have a big garden, gardening is on the agenda for us. So far it has been fun & easy. My flowers are growing and it is quite easy to water them.

About a month ago the village gave away free compost. Only drawback was that we had to fetch it ourselves. But Bob and I loved this idea and with great gusto hooked up the trailer and took our shovels.

It took us 5 trips with the trailer (each trailer was a gazillion shovels full!!!). But we did it and established our new lawn and flower beds. So now we planted the grass seed and sat back to watch the growing phase.

Little did we know that the compost already contained numerous seeds....WEEDS. So now we get to the crux of this little story.

WEEDING IS JOLLY HARD back is killing me and I am trying to find a way to entice Bob to do the rest of the weeding...

Why did no one ever tell me how much hard work gardening was...But I will carry on. Hopefully not the weeding part.