Tuesday, 15 May 2012

To Feed or not to Feed...?

Should we put Tigger to work?

At the moment there are two schools of thought regarding Tigger, our "inherited" cat.

On the one side is Lotte, who says that it is good to feed the cats on your property because that will make sure that they catch the mice and rats etc.

But on the other side is my mum who says that only a hungry cat will keep the mice away, ergo don't feed Tigger.

And then there are Bob and I, who so like Tigger and spoil him with delectables on a daily basis just to make sure he gets to like us - pathetic, isn't it. Even so we realize that Tigger probably gets his lunch made by the neighbour everyday. So he definitely is not likely to starve.

The thought of finding mice and rats running around in our house is quite worrying for me.

What to do?

Can anyone who has experience with this "Cat & Mouse" business give us advice?