Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The taste of fresh bread....Yummy !

Try this at home.

Europe is renowned for its bread selection. Here in Burgenland we do have good bread but it is different to what we were used to in South-Africa.Now that we cannot get a freshly baked loaf of white bread, we crave it .

So we decided to make our own.( Pity-party's only can go on for so long and we did not want to be what my friend Debbie describes as the "When We's")

In our marriage we divide the "kitchen-labour" , so Bob is now the offical Breadmaker in our family. And what a great one he is. As I write this, he is trying out a new recipe.

The smell of bread baking in the oven is second to none. Luckily we have ample butter and jam.

I really hope this loaf will survive to see another day...or at least another hour!

These little innocuous ramblings of mine are just there so that you can hopefully forget life's worries for a minute or two each day.


Purely coincidental that Bob is wearing a Springbok jersey...