Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Just another day...

I love my day unfolding

For as long as I can remember my days have been structured and accounted for and this newfound freedom is just great.

Of course I do like a routine and I suppose I do need some structure, but the lifestyle here is different. Everyone works incredible hard here but they also party hard.

Every morning I go for a long walk through the forest and vineyards. Just about every time a deer or rabbit will run past me. When it is a deer, I wonder if "Edward" is close behind it!

When I get home I try and do some domestic maintenace . Today the windows need cleaning and a hoover session is called for.

Then it is time to work at the computer. These fast internet lines are fantastic. It is such an eyeopener to do work from home without having to rent premises. Of course at the moment business is a bit slow, but it is picking up all the time. Just waking up everyday brings with it an excitement about what good things the day will bring.