Saturday, 19 May 2012

Loo with a View...

Building Novices...

We really were thrown into the deep end, concerning the "fixing" up of our house. It was extremely rundown and in need of care.

Full of enthusiasm, we were game for everything.

The bathroom with the Loo was dark and pokey. We knew we wanted it light, airy and bigger. So our "helper" suggested that we take out the existing, small high-up window and replace it with a much bigger and lower positioned one.

Just as an aside: We had to replace all the floors and dug up 60cm of ground.

So we decided on the bigger window option and the wall was knocked out to accommodate it. Cool,we thought. Anyway for a few months only a ply-board was in the window space. Slowly but surely we built up the floor again. But what we had not realized, was that with the floor rising, so the height of the window lowered!

Panic did enter my mind. We have a road only one meter from our house and I already pictured the traffic jams with "peeping-Toms".

But it was too late and we had to make the best of it... Actually it turned out very nice. Sitting on the lavatory you can gaze into the fields across the road. Of course we installed an ultra fast sliding curtain (just in case).

So about two month ago we had a legendary "Kitchen-Table" party where one or four bottles of wine were consumed. One of our Male guests went to the Loo and came back with a puffed out chest and a huge grin.

He forgot to close the curtain while using the Loo for a #1. As luck would have it a local lady was walking her dog and happened to glance at him through the window !

According to him, she glanced at him and got a huge fright and quickly walked away.

But you know what men are like...There was at least a meter distance and I am sure her sight was not that good!!

Our house is built into a slope, so the road is higher than the base of our wall

View from the road to the bathroom.

View of the wheat fields in front of our bathroom.