Monday, 7 May 2012

Our lodger-Tigger

About a month ago we were sitting and reading when we heard turbulent bouncing noises from the ceiling above. At first I thought that somehow we had inherited a ghost when we bought our house.

But then Bob remembered that he had seen a feral cat on our property. In fact our plumber had called it a lucky cat. So any panic to do with the "far beyond" had gone.

Who knew that a cat could make so much noise by just walking around the attic ? Judging by the noise it was more likely that our cat was dancing and having a good time up there.

Anyway now that we were aware we started to put out a bowl of milk. Cunningly we put it right at the foot of the ladder going into the attic. Bob was not sure if cats climbed ladders, but somehow every morning the little bowl was empty.

Encouraged we started putting cat-pellets out as well. Every time we moved the bowl a bit more into the open so we could see Tigger (our name for him) eating his food.

After two weeks Tigger started to wait for us at about 5pm. So now we are his slaves and we make sure we're at home to feed him on time. Can't keep him waiting.

But now our dilemma is that Tigger has grown in girth. Is he a Tigger or maybe a Tigress.....


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