Sunday, 20 May 2012


What a Final

Like most woman I don't usually watch Soccer on TV or even live. But Bob had already told me all week that Saturday was definitely his TV night !

So to put a show of good cheer and resigned myself to "endure" it.

What I had not counted on was how much I actually enjoyed watching Soccer. For a change I stayed awake past eight, then nine and even past ten. I even think that I am going to be glued to further public displays of " ball passing ". Somehow it brought a flashback of my childhood & youth. ( My Dad watching, cheering and " gently " critiquing the Ref...)

Isn't that what makes life so special ?

But what I don't get is how the loosing Team suddenly has a change of Trainers etc. Surely they learn from the mistake and will do better the next time ? In fact this "Rotation" of Trainers happens in a lot of Sports.

Eisenberg and all the surrounding villages have a good Soccer league and I think Bob and I will definitely watch some Live games.