Wednesday, 9 May 2012

"English" breakfast

The class grows...

Bob had his second lesson with the kids this morning at eight.

Doris organized a wonderful breakfast with all the "pupils" and their mums or dads. There were 10 kids today. Four girls and six boys. We had a lovely table set up in the garden and even this early it was already so hot that the shade was eagerly sought.

Of course the girls were quite shy in the beginning but that was to be expected. About 15 min into the breakfast, Bob took them all to play a game of Rounders. They all took part and I think they enjoyed it too. It can't have been easy to hear the instructions in English.

But from now on, the girls will have a separate lesson from the boys. I think I will take the girls at times and do maybe a lesson in the kitchen to bake crunchies with them. That will be fun, at least for me. They are great girls,polite but full of fun.

It really was a nice breakfast and great to meet everyone.