Monday, 14 May 2012

Monday mornings are really the same everywhere.

Isn't it funny how we all feel more exhausted on a Monday morning?

I really did not do anything of major proportions yesterday yet I woke up feeling that I ran a Marathon.

As I sit here writing, it dawns on me that it could have to do with watching a lot of the US Business TV channels. It is really interesting and actually quite exciting to watch, but at the same time my subconscious took in all the doomsday scenarios that they so like to show and repeat each and every hour.

Sure there are huge problems in the world, but I think they will be sorted out.

But the most valuable insight for me at this moment is, that all of these problems can only affect me if I let them. My life here is simple,easy & fun and that is the essence of life.

Maybe or Hopefully I have gained a lasting insight and repelled this constant worry about world economics.

We are now going to Oberwart to do a few things and put the new Insights to work and just have FUN.