Thursday, 31 May 2012

Meeting of the Village Elders...

Daily Habit of the Village Elders'...

One of Albert's good friends has a Kellerstoeckl in one of the vineyards. It is still an original with no running water or electricity. But it has the most gorgeous views into the vines. He's put five or six tree stumps in a semi-circle in the front, and that serves nicely as chairs. There might even be a bench.

Now Bocki burns his own Schnapps and also drinks it and as he is a genuinly nice guy, he offers it to his friends when they visit. Most weekdays he goes and sits at his place at about 10.30 am. It does not take long and the "crowd" arrives. There are a handful of them and they could be called " regulars ". You can see the cars parked all around.

Sometimes when he is late, one can see cars cruising by several times until he gets there. Now it seems that they talk about serious village & world affairs when there, but I think that they just gossip like the rest of us !

At about 12.30 pm, everyone goes home, to have lunch and maybe a much needed snooze.

It has become a tradition to pop in at Bocki's for some " repeat " Tourists. Always for just " The One " ! The nice thing is that his friends drop of maybe a crate of Beer or case of soda water as a Thank You.

Now because Bob has been known to have just " The One " , we gave Bocki a few buckets of Peaches from our garden, so he can make some more Schnapps ( almost like a " Witblitz " ).

Life is great here in Burgenland.