Friday, 1 June 2012

Great Excitement...

Di & Harry are arriving tomorrow

Bob and I have been counting the months then weeks and now days until they come for a holiday. Skype is a great invention and it is super to be able to communicate through it, but it still does not give the " Real " effect of everything.

When we drive around or even just look around our yard, we always wonder how Di & Harry will react and if they will like it as much as we do. So Saturday it is !

We have also both been mapping out possible routes to show them the three " C's " : Castles, Churches and Cathedrals without which an European Trip is not complete !

But in the meantime, great activity is taking place in our household. I am sure that most of you will know about " The Cleanup " before the parents come to visit....luckily we don't have a lot of furniture or stuff so cleaning is still a breeze.

Bob was planning to do the lawn this afternoon so that it looks nice and neat, but alas, it's raining continuously. Possible blindfolds may be the order of the day.

Just now, I am going to sort out the bedrooms. We have four new mattresses, but only one double size base set. We can't expect Di & Harry to sleep " Japanese style " so we'll give it a go. Might even be fun ! Debbie and Alan survived it intact... I think.