Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hot Pants..

Gosh, another Pants Story...

Like all visits it is super at the start but sad when it draws to a close. We are having " Goodbye " BBQs, which of course sets the tone of farewell. It really is strange how time goes very slowly in the beginning and speeds up like a runaway train! Yet sometimes I think it was such a long time ago that we had those delicious Ice Cream know what that means!

So yesterday we went to my parents to one of those BBQs. As Bob is the new BBQ-Master, he now is the only one doing the grilling. The input from the other grown Men is getting less and less...Secretly they are pleased not to do the work. Yet somehow I saw that it was not easy to pass on the " Trade ", as little pointers and reminders were directed at Bob ( he nodded wislely once or twice but mainly did it his way ). I find it so funny when they all ( everytime ) worry about what time to put the meat on. There is a bit of panic that the fire is dying, yet when everything is grilled, the men collectivly say: " Ah, now this heat is perfect for another BBQ. " Surely this should only happen once?

As much as Bob loves to grill now, there is only one slight problem. " Certain " parts of his body are exposed to extreme heat. He periodically has to turn around and hop away. At first I was puzzled, but then my intellect kicked in and I realized that his " nether " region took the brunt of the heat.

Bob had Hot Pants!