Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lively Meals...

Happenings at our table

Yesterday was a momentus day, as we had our first lively family discussion! Voices were slightly louder and a tear or two was glinting in some eyes. But I always think it is a good thing, because that is what a family is all about. Misunderstandings get cleared and hugs still given. If you can have a " family discussion " and still hug, shake hands and laugh, it shows a dynamic, normal and loving family....

So anyway, this was a bit before supper. By special request I made a huge pile of pancakes. That in itself was funny, as Di & Harry wanted to heat up last nights leftovers, but Bob demanded pancakes. So the leftovers were dished while I made many pancakes. Our kitchen has a big table just in front of the stove. Thus everyone ate while I flipped !!!

Harry virtuously only wanted to eat the leftovers, but declared that he could not finish the plate. " Is it off? " I asked him in panic. " No it tasted great, but I need to keep space for the pancakes..."

We all finally sat together with sugar, cinnamon and apple sauce ready to add to the pancake rolls. Bob had rolled his second one, took a bite and literally bolted from his chair almost gagging. Instantly I my stomach dropped with dread. Had he found a worm in the apple sauce? The jar was old...Oh no, after our " discusssion " Harry and Di might wonder if I had planted a worm !!!

In concern we all rushed to Bob's aide. He laughed and spluttered with bits of pancake flying all over, while telling us " I put salt instead of sugar! "

Don't try this at home..