Friday, 22 June 2012

High Pressure

Heat, no problem...

This heat is unrelenting, even reaching 40 degrees in the car yesterday. So most of the work happens in a slower motion !

In the afternoon the girls came for their " English Conversation " class. Amazingly the heat did not faze them. We played a bit of Monopoly and Uno. I knew that we had barely enough time to set it up, so when " rules " were invented to suit individual needs, I pretended to not notice, as I was glad that they spoke some English while doing it. Uno was not so popular and we abandoned it to go for a walk ! It was nice and grounding seeing the world through the eyes of 7 year olds.

We helped filling wine bottles ( with wine ) yesterday. Thankfully this took place in a cellar which is so much cooler. But afterwards we had to clean all the equipment and barrels outside in the extreme heat. It seemed to take longer to clean up than to fill up!

Of course Bob and I had fun cleaning with the High Water Pressure Hose...Bob " accidently " pretended to spray me until I returned the favour on his legs and feet, not realizing that he actually enjoyed it. It seems he loved having a high pressure Reflexology !

Gosh, our day's are action packed !


Who needs a Spa..