Friday, 29 June 2012

Strange Find

Backyard discovery.

About a week after we arrived last year, Bob and I decided to take away the Bramble bush growing behind our house wall. So suitably equipped with gum boots and long sleeves, we started. It took us a few hours but eventually got most of it. Suddenly I heard an " Oh my ....! "

" Bob, are you okay? " A whole lot of possibilities ran through my mind - big snake or injured arm or worse! Suddenly Bob got all quiet and tried to evade me. But resourceful that I am, I got Bob to show me. It was a cross with a name on it, that usually is put on top of a Grave. By that stage I was in a panic. There was no way that I would live in a house with a grave in the backyard. If you could only have been there to hear us! But the reality was that I would definitely not live there and therfore all digging and cutting was suspended...

My Mum dropped by an hour later. In despair and close to tears, I told her our decision. She at first looked crushed but when she listened to our reason, she started to laugh hysterically. Not the reaction I was hoping for! When she had stopped her laughing, she told us that a few years ago they had a look at some property ( belonging to the previous owner of our house, who at that stage had already passed away ) in another place. While checking it out, they found a new cross with his mums name on. He did not have time to place it. So they took it, and drove past his house and threw it over the fence thinking that it needed to be at his house....never thinking we'd move there and find it!!!!!