Sunday, 17 June 2012

First Dates...


I always am fascinated by people and their life-stories. When anyone talks about themselves, they become animated.

We had a family B.B.Q. last night, and the usual conversation floated about-work, weather, home, how to best get the fire ready and sports. Just listening and participating is nice but I like to ask people about their precious moments. So the one topic that always interests me, is how couples met ! Of course the answer differs depending if you ask the man or the women.

Someone asked my father-in-law, and it was so nice to hear him tell the story. In fact he became animated and re-lived the story. It felt like we were there. He even remembered my mum-in-law's haircolour ! You could see that he was reliving the moment and the love he has for his wife, then and now. Precious. Of course, he became a bit too lively, causing my mum-in-law to blush and Bob to disappear....But it really was great having the privilege to almost " be " with him, when he first caught a glimpse of his future wife.

We all have so many different stresses in our live and it is nice to actually forget them for a while. I could see that Di and Harry experienced their courtship again and had fun thinking of it.

Most people have so many conventional layers, but this question always gives a true glimpse of them. Try it, and let me know.