Friday, 15 June 2012

Another Lesson

This times it was the girls

Mothers are clever and they soon realized that having an english conversation class with boys and girls was not an option. The boys would make fun of the girls and they would just become withdrawn. So we organized a separate " Class ".

It was decided that I would hold the class and yesterday was the first one. It seems so easy to have four girls, all 7 years old. But suddenly I wondered if I would be " cool " enough to keep them interested for one hour ! Very nerve wracking..

So my plan was to straight away make a batch of crunchies with them, to break the ice. It started well with each girl getting a turn pouring the ingredients into the bowl. When the batter was too dry, I got a cup filled with water and told one girl to pour a little at a time. Of course I forgot that they are just starting to speak and she poured the whole cup...oops, now the dough was too wet and did not look to appealing. " Yuk, this looks slimey " whispered someone and that did not bode well.

While the crunchies baked, we talked and I was so lucky to have my Mum-in-law, Di, there because she is a whiz at dealing with children. You know, it is quite difficult knowing what is " in " with the girls. I assumed that any girl under the age of 15 was a Justin Bieber fan, but the grimaces told me differently ? Lady Gaga is " It "...

When the crunchies were ready, they looked OK and Di was the first brave one to try them. The girls each tried one-some valiantly-and finished them.

When two girls took another one, I knew all was well...I look forward to having them each week as they are great kids.