Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Banana Bread

When life gives you Bananas....

I went to the village shop to see if my lotto numbers had paid anything. It is always an exciting time, when the slip gets checked. The anticipation that in those few seconds I could be a big winner...yesterday my lotto slip won 12 Euros ! Not much, but I was happy.

While I was standing at the till, I noticed a box with about 10 Bananas. Their skin was deep yellow with dark spots. In other words, they were perfect & ripe. But here the locals don't buy bananas like that and therefore the shop owner puts them out for free. Luckily for me, I got the whole box.

Most supermarkets will also mark down products that will shortly pass there sell-by-date to half price. Much better that way and a very economical way to shop !

Even though it was another " scorcher " of a day ( Burgenland really is paradise ), I was so happy to get these bananas that I went home to make banana bread. The thing is, I did not have a recipe nor a kitchen scale, but I did have loads of enthusiasm. While I mixed the flour,eggs,backing powder & sugar, Di mashed the bananas and just like that we had it ready. When it came out the oven, piping hot and steaming we fell over it like a pack of hungry wolves...it was so delicious. Di said it also tastes good the next day with butter, but I wonder if there will be any left...

Little things make life worthwhile !