Saturday, 2 June 2012


Felling of the Mayday-tree Burgenland style

Well to start with, on the first of May each little village in our area erected a huge May-Tree or rather Maypole. It was quite an event, in our usual style-with wine & vittles !

So yesterday evening the Maypole came down and of course we had to do hard work, celebrating first with Beer, Wine, Frankfurter's ( in Austria a Vienna sausage is called a Frankfurter...) and the most delicious food called Langos.

It started of quite hilariously because the venue was unexpectedly changed and we drove around for hours (actually only minutes due to the size of our village ) looking for it...But when we found it, it was so festive and fun. Bob and I are not the " Newbee's " anymore, and we can now mingle and give out the " Nods ". During the evening a few of Bob's pupils came and greeted him in English. So cute.

Alberta had fun and she is taking to Burgenland life like a duck to water. She can't wait to come back with her husband and friends to tour the area on Motorbikes. So something for us to look forward to.

Two hours into the evening the Mayor announced that they were going to fell the Maypole. As the venue had changed and it was about a 5 min walk only a handful of people - mainly we, the Newbee's - went with to see. The tree is possible 30 m high and it seemed quite scary to me working out where it would land. But Alberta was in the midst of the action taking close-up pictures. Rather brave or...!

Albert and Mattias wore the traditional Lederhosen, and our Mayor came over to take a pic with the two. Only in Burgenland.....

What we did not realize was how the delicious Langos were laden with garlic and it is going to be fun fetching Di & Harry in the " Garlic Mobil ". Yeah , Today is the day.