Thursday, 21 June 2012


Household Chores

Moving into our own house is nice but it involves a lot of chores that I did not have living in the flat. Okay, " chores " might be a misnomer, because I enjoy most of those activities. Such as weeding, watering the plants, feeding the cat and cleaning ( okay, not so much the cleaning ) but it definitely gives my day a routine.

Now we have our parents visiting us. What do we automatically do ? Yes, I think most of us are the same, we " forget " to do the chores and our parents take over doing them. It's almost like they are programmed. Somehow it is a " chicken & egg " situation with difficulty telling, if we forget because they are doing it for us, or if they just take pity on drooping plants and hungry cats !

Tigger, our feral cat, has now sporadically timed meals. I used to remember like clockwork and scheduled our outings so we would be back in time ( I must say, that this sounds rather dilly as she is a feral cat and knows how to hunt for mice but she always looks so pleased with our offerings ). Lately I am right at home and forget until I see Di taking the milk outside. Shocking....but Tigger gets extra treats too, so she is still nice and portly and hopefully doesn't carry a grudge!

When they leave, I think that I must set an alarm clock every evening, but maybe Tigger will get impatient and hungry enough to attract my attention with " walk-bys " passed our window !

The plants will be another challenge.