Sunday, 24 June 2012

Happy Sunday.

What a good start to the day

There are some days where I get out of bed and instantly feel that it will be a super day. Today is one of those!

It gets light just after 4.30am and instantly you can hear birds tweeting. We have such a vibrant bird life here. I certainly don't know their names but it is nice to always have their tweeting-conversations in the background! On days when there is not much on TV, we sit and watch them build their nests or feed their young...or watch our cat Tigger!

Sundays everything is a bit slower and more relaxed. Its always exciting to go to the local shop to get freshly baked bread rolls. Exciting, because they only get a certain amount in, and it is first come first serve...I love the fact that I see and meet different locals hunting for the bread rolls! Naturally I am to polite to fight over the last bread roll...

We have got such nice and sunny weather at the moment and we are sure to use it wisely today. Maybe a drive to take in the wonderful scenery here in Burgenland or maybe we will just sit outside in the shade and chat.

Life is good.