Saturday, 16 June 2012

Working Hard

What an example !

Since moving here, I have realized that the physical work is ongoing and sometimes hard. Not just to do with building, but the everyday " household " chores. There are still plenty that I need to embrace to have a spic & span home....

Our area is a farming community which is predominantly wine producing, but also has normal crops such as wheat, pumpkins and Timber . The amazing thing is that most farms are run by only the husband & wife. So you can imagine the daily routine ! Yet when you go into their homes, they are always extremly tidy and clean ( The wives help with all the farm work plus keep a household ).

Even writing this, I know I am going to feel guilty the next time I moan about my little household chores...People sometimes suggest that we keep chickens for eggs & sheeps to graze the lawn. It all sound idyllic, but even now I sometimes " almost " forget to feed our cat...( of course she parades outside the window until my attention is caught ! )

Yesterday I met a local woman who works in Vienna during the week, but comes home to her parents farm every weekend and helps out. The minute she gets here she gets stuck in ( no lounging around on the sofa watching TV)!

How amazing and wonderful is that ? Most of us have to be prodded to just wash the dishes when we visit our parents yet alone do anything else !

Life shows us gentle reminders about how things should be, and hopefully we are cognizant of them, because helping others and being there for family is what it is all about...