Friday, 8 June 2012

Knickers in the Wind

It could only happen here.

Day 2 of having all six parents here in Burgenland and it is going great. Polly and my Dad are staying just up the road in one of the Kellerstoeckls. Last night I mentioned that my walk goes past it and it was arranged that I have a Coffee Pitstop. Of course the arrangements were made during an alcoholic session so times were forgotten. My Dad was keeping an eye out for me, Biggi alert, from 5 am onwards and of course I only huffed & puffed by at 7am ! But we had coffee together and that was worth a Million Dollars to me...

In the afternoon we drove to Eberau to have Ice Cream creations - yes, it seems all we do is eat - and then home in preparations for the first ever Braai at our house. So far so good. As it was so hot, my Dad quickly drove to his abode to change into shorts.

He took forever to return and when he did we, all the ladies, were as usual in the kitchen cooking. " What took you so long ? " came the typical wifely enquiry. " I had to run all over the road collecting your Knickers. " . It seems the wind had blown them of the line and the rest is history !!! Only my family...

We also had our first B.B.Q./ Braai at our house and how wonderful to have all the parents here. Bob, " officially " took over as Grillmaster because I could see that he stood his ground when he got various " suggestions " about how to grill from the three titans...When they all tasted the meat they agreed that Bob has taken over the mantle. ( Men are very territorial about their grilling ).



What an Oke....