Tuesday, 26 June 2012


The odd stressful day

We are going on a longer road trip soon and as the car has been making strange noises from time to time, I booked it in for a check-up. As our funds are very elusive at the moment, I took the courage to mention it to the mechanic. What a difference that made, because he was so kind as to sit me down and tell me what needed to be done and what could wait. Even so, it slightly took my breath away! But at least we won't hear any funny noises while driving...at least not from the car!

So next stop was Hofer for groceries. While trying to work my mind around the " car " issue I manoeuvered the aisles at great speed ( the men were waiting in the car ). But the funny thing is, that I was humming and muttering the odd word to myself. A few odd looks came my way, but I hummed all the way to the till.

The penny then dropped for me. All those years when I walked passed women in grocery stores, humming to themselves, they were not happy and enjoying their day... no, they were dealing with their various stresses....

That will teach me to never judge a book by its cover!