Monday, 18 June 2012

The Monday Buzz

Another beautiful day

Why is it, that time seems to speed up when we have visitors ? I suppose it might have to do with squeezing so many activities in. We had a fabulous weekend with family from England showing them how we have fun in Burgenland : Eating & Drinking..& lots of laughter.

When we were at a grill party, Harry came up with some " Gems " that made us nearly fall of our chairs with laughter. There were too many to mention and many unmentionable, but in the car home, he got a wifely " Harry, really ?"....

This monday morning was rather important, as it showed us the direction of Greece's government. Somehow we seemed to have dodged that bullet and " normal " life is on track again. Optimism is definatley in the air. There are the doomsayers, but you will always get them. Personally I know and feel that the good times are ahead.

We are having another glorious summers day with a predicted 34 Temperature. It gets light at 4.30am and only dark at 10pm. This gives us so much more time, and we need it as this week is " wine-bottling " . Di & Harry will help this time and it should be fun as sampling the produce is the order of the day....