Saturday, 9 June 2012


How to get fit Burgenland Style

Now that Harry is here, we are again doing more physical work around our house. Last year when we got here and started this lovely adventure off, our bodies went into a " slight " shock dealing with all the hard labour. Digging, hammering, taking old plaster off, carrying cement loads etc.

But like anything, we got used to it, and for once in our lives our bodies were as if chiselled ( well we thought so ) by a personal Trainer, with a hint of a " six pack " peeking through ( it would have been better if we hadn't eaten all the good stuff ). Every now and again we would catch each other out while preening in front of the mirrow.

Eventually we finished with all the hard stuff and slowly but surely we changed back to our sedate way & bodies..That is until now. Yesterday we were up in one of the attic's forking down old, dusty and prickly hay. We thought we'd be finished in a few hours, but we only a quarter in having worked 6 hours, as we have to drive it to a " Grass Dump ".

But all this got me thinking. Why don't Bob and I start our own gym in our garden ! Fill a wheelbarrow full of cement and demarkate a plot of ground. Then every morning we could take turns pushing the wheelbarrow up and down our driveway and also digging up the plot one day and filling it back the next....

I think this is a faboulous idea and I can just see Bob's face when I tell him ... and I'm sure it won't be pretty !